Black Background | FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) & Image Policy

1. How do you create these black backgrounds?

Black backgrounds can indeed be created by capturing natural photography and transforming it into a background using photo editing software. This process often involves photographing objects like walls, bricks, tiles, or even fabrics to capture textures and patterns that can be converted into black backgrounds.

By using photo editing software, adjustments such as increasing the contrast, desaturating colors, and enhancing the darkness are made to achieve the desired black background effect.

2. Are these black backgrounds completely free to use?

Indeed, you are welcome to utilize the images we share on our blog for free in both commercial and non-commercial projects. However, please note the following restrictions: you are not permitted to sell the images, distribute them, or claim copyright ownership over these backgrounds. By adhering to these guidelines, you can freely and responsibly incorporate the backgrounds into your projects.

3. How many black backgrounds are there in your collections?

In our collection, we currently have hundreds of backgrounds available, and we have already published a significant number of them. However, we are continuously working to bring more backgrounds to our platform. I and our dedicated team of graphic designers are working diligently to create and prepare new backgrounds for release. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our collection and bring you even more options to choose from.

4. How to download and save your black background?

Please note that the black background images displayed on our website are only thumbnails for preview purposes. To ensure the best quality, we upload the original high-quality background files to Google Drive, which provides a secure and convenient platform for downloading. We highly recommend downloading the files using the Google server to obtain the highest possible quality of the backgrounds. By doing so, you can ensure that you have access to the best versions of our black background files.

5. We have a few black backgrounds to share with you how to submit them?

Currently, we do not accept any background shared by users and any companies.

6. Do you distribute black backgrounds on other photo agencies’ websites?

No, All the background images we share on our website are ours and first time published on our website only. We may create official social media pages and share our images there but not on other platforms.

7. Which background files do you recommend?

You can use all the black background files from this website, We have some favorite collections and check our recently added background files too.