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The black background is one of the most popular color files which is widely used in different projects such as website sliders, website headers, footers, product pages, social media cover images, and more.

On our website, We share many black backgrounds that are very easy to download without restrictions. There are naturally made black backgrounds you can download at any time.

In this article, I will tell you how to create a black background image without downloading any paid software.

How to Create a Black Background

Below are the steps to quickly make a black background using MS- Microsoft Paint.

1. Open Your Microsoft Paint

First, go to the start menu of your computer and open the program called MS (Microsoft Paint) from your computer.

If you are using windows 7,10 or 11 then By default Microsoft paint will be available for free. You do not have to install this software from external sources.

2. Pic Up Black Color

Now you will see, Paint will be open in plain mode. You will see color options in the top bar of your paint program. Here I am using the windows 7 paint program. See the image below.

3. Choose Fill Tools

Now, Choose the fill color tools for filling the black background and click your mouse in the drawing area.

4. Mouse-click the area

Once you right-click your mouse in the white space of paint, You will see the color has been changed to black.

5. Save the Black Image

Now, go to the top left icon as shown in the image below to save your black background image to your computer. You can save the black background image file in different formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, or other formats.

For reference, Please see the image below.

save black background image to computer

Resources From the Blog

Black Background Images

Home » Black Wallpaper

Black Background Images are black pictures. We share with everyone to download completely for free. Black background images are very popular to design for any project. These images are very useful to create graphic design, printing ads, website background, In e-commerce websites, Social media covers, and any online images. You can use these free black background images for commercial and noncommercial purposes too.

Download Black Background Images from here:

Black Background Images

Black Background Images
Black Background Images | BG64

Black Background Images | These black background flower images are very high quality and clicked by our photographers, This is an Asian follower which is very popular in India. You can use this graphic in your social media and website projects too.

Black Background Images | Download HD

Black Background Images | Flowers black background

Flowers black background
Flowers black background | BG85

These are also Asian flowers created with applying the different effects. This can be used by flower lovers and feel free to use it on commercial as well as non-commercial projects. These flowers are very popular in India and Bangladesh. You can download its high quality from the link below.

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Food Serve Black Background

Food serve black background
Food serve black background | BG115

Natural black background image of a waiter serving food. This is a natural image created from restaurants and this black background can be used in a different menu, hotel projects, advertising hotels,s and restaurant projects.

These are thumbnails, You can download their high quality from the link below.

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Glass Black Background

Glass black background
Glass black background | BG109

The glass background image is realistic glass decoration in the hotel and bar. This is created by a decoration of a real bar. These black backgrounds can be used to promote glass products and can be included in e-commerce websites, Menus, Social media covers, and any online project.

Black Background Images | Download HD

Googs Black Background

Googs black background
Googs black background | BG97

Googs black background is realistic googs photography taken for sharing users for promotional of their googs business. This black background can be used in social media, the e-commerce websites of googs, and in any online projects for both commercial and non-commercial projects. This black background can be used also in mobile wallpapers.

Feel free to download the high-quality image file from the link below.

Black Background Images | Download HD

Hooka Pot Black Background

Hooka pot black background
Hooka pot black background | BG112

Black background hooka pot image can be used in restaurant menus and in printing purposes. This image is created by clicking bar hooka real pot. Feel free to download the link below.

Black Background Images | Download HD

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